Digital Crossing, Inc. Santa Barbara Technology Consulting
Technology Consulting
Palm Trees

Digital Crossing, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Santa Barbara area since 2003. Over the years we have solved a wide variety of technology related problems for our clients. Sometimes it's just a matter of pointing you in the right direction. Technology consulting is all about solving technical problems, no matter how big or small.

  • System Consulting
  • File Backup Strategies
  • Network Security
  • Database Tuning
  • Internet Failover
  • Equipment Purchase Recommendations
Problem Solving
Digital Crossing, Inc. Solving Problems

Today, just about everything has a chip with software running on it.  We help our clients make informed decisions and avoid technology pitfalls that can cost time and money. Our background in developing hardware and software gives us an insiders view for what is the best solution for our clients. We find solutions that are reliable, easy to implement and reduce your long term technology cost.

  • PC / Mac / Linux
  • Networks / Routers
  • Database Migration
  • Websites
  • Internet Access
  • Database Repair
Website Solutions
DCI Website Design

We enjoy creating great looking websites for our clients. Our websites are integrated with content management systems like Drupal. This enables you to have a great looking website that is easy to maintain.

We are happy to help you migrate an existing website to the latest HTML standards and this includes upgrading your database. Or we can help you with advanced features, like AdBlock detection.

  • Mobile Device Friendly
  • Advanced Javascript
  • Security / SSL
  • VPS Support
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Back Office Database Integration
  • 3rd Party API Integration
  • Failover Strategies
Android Mobile Apps
Digital Crossing, Inc. Android App Development

We are happy to work with you to build an Android app that works across the majority of Android devices which includes phones, tablets and portables. Do you have an idea for creating a database driven app or an app that adds extra convenience for your clients? We use proven development methodologies that avoid the latest fads and deliver solid reliable apps. We can also port existing apps to Android.

We do not outsource our work. All app development is done in Santa Barbara and sometimes Maui!

  • Notifications
  • Live Cloud Data Streaming
  • Backoffice Database Integration
  • Bluetooth
  • Interactive Charts
  • Website Credential Activation
Software Development
Writing Code

When "one size fits all" software packages fail to meet your business needs we have the expertise to create a custom solution that solves your problems and keeps your business moving ahead. With extensive experience in developing custom solutions, we are ready to create high-quality tailored software that enables you to seize new market opportunities and respond to new business challenges.

  • Java
  • C++
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Drupal
Remote Monitoring
Digital Crossing, Inc. Remote Monitoring

Our sister company RemoteDTech LLC focuses on providing remote monitoring solutions for RVs, Boats and Stored Vehicles. This enables us to provide custom remote monitoring solutions based on the RemoteDTech platform, plus the pro platform! For example, you may have a piece of equipment that runs 24/7 and you need to know in advance if it is showing signs of trouble. Not only do we keep keep you informed but you have the ability to turn on other equipment remotely!

"Scott has been a consultant for Service Objects intermittently for over a decade. Scott has great understanding of a wide range of programming languages. He can pick-up any system in just a few days. Scott’s get’er done attitude is just what we need sometimes. He sticks to his commitments and is a good leader, I highly recommend Scott for any system consulting project."

"Scott’s been a huge help to our little company over several years, setting up our on-line training website and making sure it’s secure and up-to-date as well as functional. He’s a pleasure to work with, always responsive and positive, and I think we’ve been very lucky to have had his services."

"I highly recommend Scott, who has been my "Johnny-on-the-spot" Computer Tech and Webmaster for the last 15 years, having created my website. He has always responded quickly to my calls and proficiently as well as efficiently resolved any computer issues."

"I have found Scott to be responsive and flexible both to my questions and his work on my computer problems. He is friendly, knowledgeable and flexible and has always responded to me in a timely fashion. I have found his work for me to be excellent and readily recommend his services to anyone."

"We have been using Digital Crossing for the last ten years to keep our computers up to date and running properly. The owner offers a lifetime of experience and knowledge about Apple and Microsoft systems, and how the two can be integrated for maximum safety. You won’t go wrong going with this professional."

"Hey Scott, I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your computer services and advise. When these computer things start acting up, you always seem to know how to put them back online. Thanks for being there for us!"